Rustic Rugs

Rocky Mountain Rustic Rugs

A unique collection of rugs handwoven on a vintage four-harness flying shuttle wooden loom. Natural Colorado fibers - Navajo Churro, Wolf, Yak, BIson, Alpaca, Cheviot, Merino, Curly Mohair (Colorado and Texas), Llama (and more), all handspun on a vintage spinning wheel.

Various custom sizes, textures and thickness available in natural or plant-dyed fibers.

Cottagecore - Handwoven comfort and beauty from hand-gathered fibers - washed, picked, combed, carded and spun for beautiful rugged fibers. Equally at home in home or office settings, urban apartment or mountain cabin. 

Grandmacore - Family History Rugs - Custom handwoven rugs made from the treasures textiles of your own family. 

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