Custom Installations and Wearables

My custom work ranges from small elegant silk wraps to cozy woolen throws to large installations for home or office. Silk wraps are available in black, white and a range of hand-dyed custom colors and textures. Vogue sweaters, jackets and wraps are available in many colors, sizes and textures. Felted and handwoven installations are limited only by the imagination and the size of the allocated space.

Rocky Mountain Aspen Trees in Fall - SOLD

Aspen trees are often called "Quakies" - quaking aspen -  giving soft, audible sounds as mountain breezes brush their leaves. In the Fall, aspen leaves splash mountain sides (and my own property) with brilliant gold color, inviting me to more creative work.

All my art is hand-crafted in my studio from local Colorado fibers - alpaca, llama, curly mohair, Icelandic and merino wool, plus a bit of silk and wolf hair - natural and hand-dyed, needle felted, and wet felted.

This work is a professionally matted and framed 32" x 40" felted tapestry. Custom made for a private collector in Colorado. 

Commissions are welcome. Prices start at $125 for small 8x10 pictures.


Colorado Rustic Rugs/Wall Tapestries

Handwoven and hand spun sustainable fibers.

These highly textured tapestries for wall, table or floor are handwoven on a vintage four-harness wooden floor loom. The natural fibers are gathered from Colorado producers, hand washed, combed and handspun on a traditional spinning wheel. All are sustainable, organically grown.

Your tapestry can be woven from a single color - cream, or shades of brown, or it may be woven from a wide variety of these hand spun Western Colorado fibers:  Wolf, Navajo Churro, Alpaca, Bison, Yak, North Country Cheviot, Icelandic, Wensleydale, Llama, Merino and more. Natural colors - cream and light-to-dark shades of brown and grey, all in rugged handspun fiber. 

Custom orders welcome. Prices start at $60-80 / square foot.

Family History Tapestry

Handwoven wall art panels from your own family textiles, to commemorate a special event.

In honoring a graduation,  arrival of a new baby, retirement, or the passing of a loved one - each fragment of these pieces carry meaning and memories of the significant connections in your own personal and family history.

Grandpa's old fishing shirts, Nana's favorite dress, College or  sports T-shirts, Heirloom linens, Prom or wedding finery, baby clothes - all can be a part!!

Each weaving is designed to fit your setting - sleek and modern, or warmly traditional.

Sizes can range from a small 2' x 3' panel up to a series of panels.

22" width - Prices start at:   $40/sq.ft.  30" width - $60 sq.ft.