SOLD. The Breckenridge :  Handwoven Cottagecore Rug - RV? Tiny Home?

SOLD. The Breckenridge : Handwoven Cottagecore Rug - RV? Tiny Home?

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Sustainable, repurposed SolMate socks provide a bright, cheerful small rug or table mat with happy colors to make you smile: Turquoise, red, gold, purple, blue. 

Great on your table for a brilliant splash of color, or for smaller spaces in your home, tiny home, cabin, camper, RV, dorm room. Practical in kitchen, bathroom or mud room where water/splashes/tracking is expected. Washable and durable, but still soft on your feet.

Rustic Handwoven on my vintage wooden LeClerc floor loom. Materials: Warp: cotton. Weft: SolMate sock scraps, cut and looped together: Cotton 90%, Nylon 10%. Sturdy. Hypoallergenic.  Size 28" x 30" excluding fringe. $60.

Care:  Shake out dust.  Spot Clean.  Wash in large front-loading machine, lukewarm water.  Dryer ok on low-medium heat.

Best used with non-skid mat on wood or other slippery floors.

Update:  These highly textured repurposed rag rugs have beautifully enhanced both rustic and urban homes and offices in Colorado and other regions of the country. Each is unique, custom designed for your individual taste -whether tiny home, mountain lodge or upscale architectural modern settings.  

Today, in the midst of a horrifying Pandemic, the younger generation (and a  Grandma or two) have designated these very tactile and appealing works as "Cottagecore" or "Grandmacore" - a contemporary expression of traditional values. Recently, Architectural Digest has documented this trend as "Vintage Maximalism" - brighter colors and  handcrafted textures, following on the heels of widespread preference for neutral, minimalist decor. 

Contact me to plan your own custom rug or wall art.

This rug can be woven in other colors, larger sizes and in coordinating table runners, mats, - with flat hem or with fringes. $20-30/square foot.

Contact me to order.