MADE TO ORDER.  Via Sagrada Wall Tapestry with Milagros
MADE TO ORDER.  Via Sagrada Wall Tapestry with Milagros
MADE TO ORDER.  Via Sagrada Wall Tapestry with Milagros

MADE TO ORDER. Via Sagrada Wall Tapestry with Milagros

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SOLD  VIA SAGRADA - Custom Large Art Tapestry.

Made from North Country Cheviot wool from the Bailey Ranch in Crawford, Colorado, and Curly Mohair from a family of organic producers in the Texas Hill Country. 

Hand washed, unspun and felted fleece is a beautiful, soft creamy white, with a natural color cotton warp subtly highlights the embellishments.

The milagros are the tiny metallic figures seen on altars in holy places - churches and cathedrals throughout Latin America.  The figures are prayerfully placed by the faithful on an altar as a symbol of a request for divine intervention in time of difficulty or as thankfulness for prayers answered.

For healing of a bodily injury, the selected tiny image may be a foot or perhaps a heart - symbol of the afflicted part or organ. Or the request may be for a cow, horse, pig, dog or cat - a desired domestic domestic animal. In more recent years the figures have included an automobile or a typewriter, or perhaps a bottle of wine. Lovelorn girls have been seen leaving a tiny male figure at the altar. One can hope for those girls that they might later return to the site and leave another tiny figure depicting their thankfulness for the answer to their prayer.

Rosary beads are also included in the tapestry in honor of friends who have made a spiritual journey through an arduous trek across the Pyrenees  - The Via Sagrada.

Update:  These highly textured tapestries have beautifully enhanced both rustic and urban homes and offices in Colorado and other regions of the country. Each is unique, custom designed for your individual taste -whether tiny home, mountain lodge or upscale architectural modern settings.  

Today, in the midst of a horrifying Pandemic, the younger generation (and a  Grandma or two) have designated these very tactile and appealing works as "Cottagecore" or "Grandmacore" - a contemporary expression of traditional values, often executed in newer colors and textures. Recently, Architectural Digest has documented this trend as "Vintage Maximalism" - over-the-top tactile and cozy handcrafted fibers, following on the heels of widespread preference for neutral, minimalist decor. 

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Private Collection, Colorado


2ft x 3ft

Made to Order.