Tomichi: "The Confluence"

Tomichi: "The Confluence"

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Tomichi -  Historic Ute word for "where the waters meet" refers to the Confluence of the Colorado and the Gunnison Rivers, a historic tribal gathering place and beautiful setting nestled just west of the Grand Mesa and Grand Junction, Colorado.

This panel was created for the Opening Night and first gallery show of Confluence Studios, 624 Main Street, Grand Junction, Colorado. It will be on display through the end of September 2020. 

Large, bright colorful wall art: hand felted from local wool - Alpaca, Navajo Churro, and Curly Mohair.

The fibers in my work are locally harvested from independent farms and ranches in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Much of it is from endangered or scarce breeds, such as Navajo Churro or Welsh Black Mountain sheep. Exotic fibers - Curly Mohair, Yak, Bison, Wolf, Alpaca, Llama are sustainably and organically nurtured. The raw fibers are hand-washed, never bleached, kettle-dyed from plant materials, and compatible with ecologically responsible practices. 


3 ft x 11 ft