Silk chiffon shoulder wrap blue-grays and reds

Silk Chiffon Shoulder Wraps - Aspen - Blue-grays, reds

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Luscious silk - layered wisps of hand-dyed tissue chiffon to create a beautiful original shoulder wrap. Each is original, one of a kind.

These are the smaller, more casual versions of the upscale Big Sur Scarf (15-30" x 65-70"). 

These little beauties are appropriate in many settings  - worn with jeans and boots or over a dressy outfit. Either way, it will become a signature accessory to highlight your own individual style!

Five color paths are available, and custom color combinations can be created for your own special event or gift for someone special.


Tequila Sunrise (pinks, reds)

Hummingbird (greens, gold)

Snowmass Winter Mountain (purples, lavender)

Taos (turquoise, reds)

Aspen (blue-greys and dark reds)

One Size fits most, but custom sizes and colors can be ordered.

Birthday, Bridesmaid, holiday gifts.