Rochester Petroglyph

Rochester Petroglyph

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Fremont-Barrier Canyon Style Rock Art - Utah

The Rochester petroglyphs are considered the premier rock art site in the sandstone canyons of Utah's San Rafael Swell.  This vast collection of petroglyphs dates from various periods - the prehistoric Fremont culture (1 A.D. to 1400 A.D.), Barrier culture (2000 to 4000 years earlier), with more recent additions dated by the depiction of the arrival of horses in the region.

This felted panel is taken from the largest and most important grouping, which depicts a rainbow, humans, animals and various sacred symbols. The petroglyphs were created by pecking/chipping away the dark "desert varnish" (an organic coating on rock face in such arid areas), revealing the lighter-colored sandstone underneath.

These petroglyph figures, created by many generations throughout thousands of years, suggest that this beautiful site above the Muddy River was a gathering place, perhaps a sacred place of ceremony, community and birthing.

This intricate felted panel incorporates multiple figures, which I have meticulously hand crafted from Utah and Western Colorado sheep's wool fiber roving in 8-14 wet felted and needle felted layers. Colors are natural shades of browns and creams, very close to the beautiful shades of the desert varnish and sandstone at the site.

The resulting panel is sturdy and resilient, mounted on a commercial felt backing and hanging from a branch of Utah juniper (cedar). Alternately, if one prefers, the panel can be mounted in a conventional frame.


approx. 3ft x 4ft excluding branch.