McKee Springs
McKee Springs

McKee Springs

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Petroglyph Panel.

Located in the sandstone country of southern Utah and western Colorado, McKee Springs is one of the spectacular rock art sites in Dinosaur National Monument (Park).  This site is notable for its large petroglyph panel of classic Fremont -style shaman figures on a desert-varnish south-facing cliff. 

The Fremont culture existed in Utah's canyonlands from A.D. 500 to 1300. Their rock art is very different from other cultural groups that lived at the same time in the Southwest, such as the Anasazi of Mesa Verde and northern Arizona. The Fremont figures are pictured as broad-shouldered trapezoidal humanoids, often with body ornamentation of a headdress or horns. The animals depicted are most often bighorn sheep with horns. 

This felted panel incorporates classic Fremont-style shaman figures, which I have meticulously hand crafted from Utah and Western Colorado sheep's wool fiber roving in 8-14 wet felted and needle felted layers. Colors are natural shades of browns and creams.

The resulting panel is sturdy and resilient, mounted on a commercial felt backing and hanging from a branch of Utah juniper (cedar). Alternately, if one prefers, the panel can be mounted in a conventional frame.


36" x 24" panel, plus branch.