Head of Sinbad

Head of Sinbad

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Pictograph Panel.

The Head of Sinbad site, 35 miles west of Green River, UT, has two panels - a large one that is mostly deteriorated, and a smaller one with two interesting pictograph (painted) figures in the Barrier Culture style.

The people of the Barrier Culture were the ancestors of the Fremont and Anasazi peoples, living probably 2000-4000 years earlier. The two figures in the smaller panel are Kachina-like. One is holding a snake in its hand; the other has one or two snakes near its mouth. The feet on both indicate movement - dancing? as in a ceremony? as a snake dance/ritual?  similar to the later Hopi snake ceremonies?

The name "Sinbad" is puzzling, but research revealed that it refers to a limestone band (Moenkopi Formation) across the red sandstone cliffs deposited when a shallow sea covered the western part of the continent. (That middle eastern sailor "Sinbad" had nothing to do with the name!)

This felted panel incorporates two Barrier-style figures, which I have meticulously hand crafted from Utah and Western Colorado sheep's wool fiber roving in 8-14 wet felted and needle felted layers. Colors are natural shades of browns and creams.

The resulting panel is sturdy and resilient, mounted on a felt backing and hanging from a branch of Utah juniper (cedar). Alternately, if one prefers, the panel can be mounted in a conventional frame.


Approx. 36" x 24" (3ft x 2ft), plus branch.