Felted Vessels - Natural Wool

Felted Vessels - Natural Wool

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These vessels are wet felted by hand and are available in a full range of natural or colors and sizes.

The materials are Navajo Churro or Cheviot wool in natural brown and cream colors, with some plant-dyed colors. One example is wool dyed with native Rabbit Brush, a plant that grows profusely in Colorado and much of the Southwest. The flowers and stems of the plant, when boiled, produce a beautiful soft and lasting gold color. 

The wool is washed, carded and handspun into roving. Very thin bits of the roving are wet-felted by hand in nine separate layers to provide a sturdy vessel.

Custom orders:

Small size:  3-4" tall, 4" diameter

Medium Size:  approximately 6 1/2" tall, and 7 1/2" at its widest point. 

Large Size: 12" tall, 14" wide

Contact me to plan. 

Online instruction will be offered this fall/winter: Contact me for more information.