Silk Scarf: Fiesta Navidad de Guanajuato - Made to Order
Silk Scarf: Fiesta Navidad de Guanajuato - Made to Order

Silk Scarf: Fiesta Navidad de Guanajuato - Made to Order

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This OOAK scarf contains recollections of student days at the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) in Mexico City, dancing in little cantinas with interesting young men, and traveling by second-class bus to collect indigenous textiles in remote areas of the country. Living back then in the same colonia near the home of Frida Kahlo (and Diego Rivera) was immensely energizing. Today these experiences can still lift me out of Pandemic overload to experiment with colors and textures in unexpected ways.

This original shoulder wrap is made from hand-dyed, Nuno-felted tissue silk chiffon. The multiple layers "float" around the shoulders as the perfect little cover-up wrap to enhance your outfit. Casual cantina or evening event. Boho background, Cottagecore approved. OOAK -  not found anywhere else.

Update:  Today, in the midst of a horrifying Pandemic, the younger generation (and a  Grandma or two) have designated these very tactile and appealing works as "Cottagecore" or "Grandmacore" - a contemporary expression of traditional values, often executed in small indie studios in newer colors, textures and original styles. Recently, Architectural Digest has documented this trend as "Vintage Maximalism" - over-the-top tactile, colorful, handcrafted fibers, following on the heels of widespread preference for neutral, minimalist decor in homes, office and personal apparel.

Each one of the wraps in this series is different. Contact me to plan your own custom-designed wrap!  Hand-dyed silk to order! 

Shoulder wrap:  7-10" x 68-70"  Custom sizes available.