Sego Canyon - Moab Treasure

Sego Canyon - Moab Treasure

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Sego Canyon is a spectacular rock art gallery in the sandstone country of southern Utah. Three distinct styles of petroglyphs and pictographs, dating back at least 2000 years, are depicted: Barrier Canyon, Fremont and historic Ute. The site is popular and easily accessible from I-70, a few miles north of Thompson Springs, Utah - an interesting and worthwhile little side trip for visitors to Moab. 

This felted work incorporates humanlike Barrier Canyon style pictograph (painted) figures from one of the three main panels, meticulously hand crafted from Utah and Western Colorado sheep's wool fiber roving in 8-14 wet felted and needle felted layers. Colors are natural shades of browns and creams.

The resulting panel is sturdy and resilient, mounted on a commercial felt backing and hanging from a branch of Utah juniper (cedar). Alternately, if one prefers, the panel can be mounted in a conventional frame.

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36" x 24" (3ft x 2ft) excluding branch. 

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